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Botanical Reserves Of UK In Danger

Botanical Reserves Of UK In Danger

A scientific collection of million plants from every part of the globe, which has been collected for centuries, are kept inside the cabinets. As per the estimates, one of 5 plant species is threatened of extinction.

According to the scientists, the collection of the dried and pressed plants is an important living resource. Kathy Willis, the Professor of Biodiversity from the University of Oxford has stated that the people are under the impression thatHerbaria are dead and old plants, which is irrelevant to preserve. However, shealso mentioned that the information preserved in the species is important andrelevant in the present scenario.

The wide collection of the botanical treasures is found at the Oxford University Herbaria, which is formed from the seeds and barks of the rarest African plants and trees. These were collected when the Irish potato famine was on the rise. Some of the specimens are mounted in the medieval wallpaper, while some havethe signatures of the famous people who are either scientists or from the genreof plant collection. Every specimen has a story to depict, which is the perfectamalgamation of science and history.

According to the permanent scientific records, the plants from a specific period can be utilized to investigate the plant diversity and evolution. The information will also be recorded for future use.

The UK has been preserving the plants and other specimens of flora, which is about 20 million of the 300 million specimens available in the world. However, the specimens are stored in the cupboards rather than saving in the digitized mediums.

This situation clearly indicates that if any person looks forward to checking one of the specimens, he or she will have to request for permission to take a look or will have to wait for the post to arrive with the requested sample.

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