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Children Without Health Cover on the Rise in US

Children Without HealthCover on the Rise in US

The US has been witnessing a steep decline in the number of children without health insurance. In 2017, 276,000 children were recorded without any health insurance, which is 5% of the total kids in the US. This number has increasedfrom 4.7% in 2016 and is on a steep rise. Though the economy is witnessinggrowth, the rate of uninsured children is depleting steadily. In fact, the rateof unemployment in the US has hit a record low since 1969.

According to the Executive Director of the Center for Children and Families, Georgetown and co-author of the study, Joan Alker, the country is traveling backward in insuring the kids. He has also speculated the condition to get worse with the passing time. He has even stated the total number of children without insurance was 3.6 million in 2017, which had touched 3.9 million in 2017.

He, along with the child health advocates has blamed the Republican-controlled Congress and the Trump administration. They have stated that the actions and policies induced in the enrollment of the insurance have raised the situation.

On the other hand, the rate of uninsured people from every age group remained at 8.8% in 2017, which had plunged from 2013 to 2016. The total number of insured children, whose insurance was done by the employers rose in 2017. However, it was not enough to alter the average number of children enrolled under the Medicaid or Obamacare insurance exchange.

Some of the states have depicted a significant rise in the total insured children. These are South Dakota (6.2%, up by 1.5%), Utah (7.3%, up by 1.3%), and Texas (10.7%, up by 0.9%). Also, Georgia, Ohio, Massachusetts, Tennessee, and South Carolina witnessed a hike in the rate of children insurance.

In California, 301,000 children were without insurance while Florida had 325,000 uninsured children in 2017.

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