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EU Regulators Ask Local Rivals If Google is Harming Their Interests

EU Regulators Ask Local Rivals If Google is Harming Their Interests

Antitrust regulators of EuropeanUnion have asked rivals of Google if the search giant unfairly demotes local search competitors that could lead to another case against the Alphabet unit of Google. In the last few months, Google has been fined around $7.7 billion for favoring its own shopping service over others during search results and using its dominant Android mobile operating system to enhance its search market power. The European Commission has used these two anti-competitive practices to build cases against Google and is close to wrapping up a third charge that involves its AdSense advertising service.

The competition authority’sinterest in Google’s search services was piqued after a complaint was made byUS based search and advertising firm Yelp and other rivals in travel,restaurant and accommodation industries about unethical practices. Thedepartment then sent questionnaires to Google’s rivals to ask if they facedhardship in their local operations due to changes in search algorithms of Google and the recent Panda 4.0 algorithm which determines the content that appears in its search results. These firms were asked if Google’s launch of Local Universal or One Box feature had any substantial impact on their local search services.

Google’s Local Universal is focused at hotels advertisements while the One Box helps local businesses get better visibility in Google search results and has a box line outlay with information and images laid next to each other in a neat file. The EU Commission asked Google if it captured content from rival local search engines like reviews and comments for use on its own features Local Universal or One Box. Google has declined to comment on the question and CEO, Sundar Pichai has issued his intention to appeal against the fine. The firm has a strong presence in Apple’s App Store with nine of its apps enjoying space with its 50 top apps.

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