Home Health Measles Cases Spur by 30% in 2017 Due to Lack of Vaccination

Measles Cases Spur by 30% in 2017 Due to Lack of Vaccination

Measles Cases Spur by 30% in 2017 Due to Lack of Vaccination

There has been a spur of measles cases in 2017, a 30% rise attributed totally too low rates of vaccination as indicated by WHO on Thursday. Among the total of 6.7 million individuals affected, the majority were young kids. Fatalities amounted to 110,000 and though the figure is much lower than the 50 odd lakh figure that died due to the disease in 2000, the resurgence is a cause for concern.

The Deputy Director General for Programs at WHO, Dr. Soumya Swaminathan remarked that the entire process towards elimination of the disease is undone and therefore the need to emphasize the importance of vaccination among the public should take top priority so that this disease can be easily prevented.

In order to prevent spread of the virus, the vaccination rate in the population has to be about 95%. In reality, it stands at an average of just 85% and the rate of receiving the second bout of vaccine remains at 67%.

Measles is an airborne disease and most contagious and varied reasons for the poor vaccination rates need to be tackled most urgently. Wrong dissemination of information about the vaccine in Europe, crumbling health infrastructure in Venezuela, lesser immunization exposure in Africa,political instabilities in several countries are some examples that are nothelping to achieve the required rate of vaccinations. If due importance is notgiven to vaccination the disease can cause loss of many lives and for this theanti– vaccine movement has to be successfully thwarted.

All babies should be included in the vaccination routine for protection against mumps, measles and rubella. As per WHO estimates, 21 million infants failed to be vaccinated against the disease in 2017. The year 2018 has been labeled as the worst one as far as the outbreak of the disease is concerned. 41,000 cases were reported in Europe, 10,000 in Brazil and 6,300plus in Venezuela.

As per WHO\ vaccines were responsible in preventing 21 million fatalities due to measles in the past 18 years. This just bolsters their importance!

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