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Google+ Bug Affects 52.5 Million Users, Service To Close Early

Google+ Bug Affects 52.5 Million Users, Service To Close Early

A second bug hit Google+ which proved to be a death kiss for the social network. Google is compelled to close down its service earlier than previously expected as the bug affects around 52.5 million users.

The technical hitch that marred Google+ exposed private data of the users including their names, email ids, age and occupation details to 3rd party developers inspite of the user’s accounts were set to ‘private’. The bug which was recently detected had been affecting the network since November this year.

Earlier in October this year, Google decided to shut Google+ after it found that data of 500,000 users was breached. The second bug has compelled them to shut the services earlier than previously planned.

David Thacker, G Suite’s product management head said that they have decided to windup the Google+ APIs sooner within the coming 3 months. Also, the shutdown of consumer Google+ will also be done faster than earlier planned. The services will be unavailable from April 2019, instead of August 2019 planned earlier. Mr. Thacker said that they understood that the closing down would affect the developers, but it was important to protect the users. The bug was identified during routine tests by Google staff and they did not find any evidence that the bug was used by those with mala fide intentions.

Google+ has been a laughing stock for its failure as a social network.

Though the company revealed about the bug only in October, the internal memos suggest that Google already knew about the bug in March. The company feared probable regulatory action and chose to keep the news under wraps.

The admission about the new bug comes at a time when Sundar Pichai is slated to appear before the lawmakers in Washington.

The prime topic of discussion at the hearing would be the apprehensions about political bias of Google products. However, the discussion will spill over to other areas including gender bias and Google’s plans in China.

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