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SpaceX Files A License Application With FCC

SpaceX Files A License Application With FCC

SpaceX has applied for a license with the Federal Communications Commission or FCC that intends to cover the testing at the launch site of the South Texas branch of the company. This is supposed to be the next-gen launch vehicle of the company. However, SpaceX has not commented on the license application.

The license application is dated 19 November and was also shared on the accessible database of FCC on 21 November. This is looking forward to attaining an experimental communications license that will take care of the return journey of an unspecified vertical takeoff, vertical landing or VTVL vehicle. This vehicle is speculated to launch at the site, which is under construction, located on the coast of the Gulf of Mexico, Texas, near Brownsville.

The company has planned the schedule of the testing that includes a simple take off by the vehicle. It will ascend vertically and again descend to its original position. Another set of high-altitude tests are planned once in a week, during which the vehicle will ascend around 5,000 meters lasting in the altitude for 6 minutes. On the other hand, the low-altitude tests will be conducted at least three times a week where the vehicle will go up to a maximum of 500 meters, staying not more than 100 seconds.

There are no specific vehicles to complete the activities, but the upper stage or spaceship, which is a part of the next-gen launch vehicle of SpaceX is leading the game. Until the last week, this was named as BFR or Big Falcon Rocket but is now named as Starship. Also, the booster or lower stage is being renamed as Super Heavy.

The initial hop tests of the Starship will surface during the late 2019s at the site of South Texas. Though the exact date is not yet revealed, it is expected to demand the experimental license for at least 2 years.

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