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Twitter Bans Laura Loomer for criticizing Omar

Twitter Bans Laura Loomer for criticizing Omar

Activist Laura Loomer has been banned from micro-blogging site Twitter for posting disparaging comments about Minnesota Republican Ilhan Omar and her Muslim faith. The conservative far-right Laura posted a video on YouTube stating that her Twitter account which had nearly 260,000 followers was being shut down as it violated the platform’s rules against hateful conduct. The incident occurred after Loomer accused Omar of being anti-Jewish and being part of a religion that oppresses homosexuals and abuses women by forcing them to wear hijab. Ilhan Omar is the nation’s first refugee from Somalia to be elected into Congress, along with another Muslim woman.

Speaking about the ban Loomar insisted that she did not violate Twitter’s terms as everything she said was true and factual. Her comments were neither mean nor hateful but her voice has been silenced in America. In recent months Twitter has been aiming its axe at accounts owned by far-right activists and groups like Alex Jones and his group Infowars that was closed down in September. She went on to post in social media site Gab that is frequented by far-right activists that her haters may be celebrating that her voice is being silenced that she is not likely to back down.

Breitbart editor Milo Yiannopoulos who had been banned from Twitter a couple of years ago called Loomer’s suspension a political warfare and stated that she was being unfairly banned for speaking against an elected politician. Twitter placed a non-committal statement on its website stating that it is dedicated to making its platform a safe place for free expression and does not permit abusive behavior. Last year Loomer was banned from ride sharing services Uber and Lyft after posting a series of anti-Muslim tweets after a terrorist attack in New York. In her YouTube video she urged President Donald Trump to take action against the ban, stating that he has to ensure that his supporters have a voice on social media.

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