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Being a Health Science Graduate, Dottie studies and loves to research health-related innovations. The writing style of Dottie is unique in its way as it is the best way one can cover even the health care industry basics. Her education is a plus point for her when it comes to research related to the human body and related field.

DR Congo Gripped with Ebola. World’s 2nd Biggest Outbreak!

The eastern part of the Democratic Republic of Congo is in the midst ofa deadly Ebola outbreak that...

Drug Overdose Deaths Reach Record Levels In The US

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the deaths from drug overdose have touched the milestone of...

Children Without Health Cover on the Rise in US

The US has been witnessing a steep decline in the number of children without health insurance. In 2017,...

China Temporarily Halts Gene Editing Study

Reports of a Chinese scientist altering the embryonic genes of twin girls who were given birth to this month...


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