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Joshua Carter
Managing Editor

Joshua is among the statistical faces of Stats Report News. He owns a Masters in Business Administration and is usually found with a pen and a notepad jotting down the ups and downs of Share Market. He loves to constantly calculate the business projections and market statistics. Joshua can be called as an expert of business and share market and handles the business column of Stats Report News.

Email: j.carter@statsreportnews.com

Phone: +1 801-461-9263

Dottie Hood
Sr. Editor

Being a Health Science Graduate, Dottie studies and loves to research health-related innovations. The writing style of Dottie is unique in its way as it is the best way one can cover even the health care industry basics. Her education is a plus point for her when it comes to research related to the human body and related field.

Email: d.hood@statsreportnews.com

Phone: +1 801-104-5528

Stanton Poulson

Stanton is popular as the Neil Armstrong among his colleagues of Stats Reports News the reason being his inventions going on all day long. He owns the linguistic power that helps him express articles of deep studies along with scientific and space theories. He does not miss the upcoming innovations and their facts of NASA and space. Stanton loves to spend the weekends playing guitar with his friends.

Email: s.poulson@statsreportnews.com

Phone: +1 801-338-2917

Sina Powell
Editor & Writer

Sina has completed IT Engineering; however, she has started the career as writer right from the beginning. She is among the one who loves to cover and scribble each and every update from the technological innovations, trends, and developments. She is even a hardcore coder also taking on some coding sessions so as to help juniors cope up with the newest innovations around the world.

Email: s.powell@statsreportnews.com

Phone: +1 801-863-9902